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SOURCE: 104,000 miles transmission issue The trans in your vehicle is a 4L30E.The check,and fill plugs are in the pan.The fluid has to be checked after the vehicle is fully warmed up,engine running,in Park.The hard to shift into 2nd gear is kind of difficult to say,check the level,maybe have it scanned for trouble codes esp. if check engine is lit.Those particular transmissions have one weak ...Shut off engine and hung out a few hours, started engine, backed up and turn the car around, drove down the hill and shifted the tranny to first to use engine breaking vice brakes. About 1 mile, then back on paved road the frickken tranny won't shift up. Jul 30, 2020 · Trany won't shift out of first. Discussion in '2nd Gen 4Runners (1990-1995)' started by Kazter Troy, Jul 24, 2020. Post Reply. Jul 24, 2020 at 7:42 AM #1 #1. The shift solenoids is fairly simple game. SS1 on SS2 off 1st gear. Second gear SS1 off SS2 on. 3rd SS1 off SS2 off. Overdrive SS1 off SS2 on. Two toggle switches can handle this. You know that their is four speed auto trans that can shift purely via valve pressure within the valve body.:lmao: