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A decrease in supply shifts the supply curve leftward. 2. The price rises to restore market equilibrium. 3. Quantity demanded decreases along the supply curve. 4. Equilibrium quantity decreases. 4.3 MARKET EQUILIBRIUM <Effects of Changes in Supply When supply changes: • The demand curve does not shift. • But there is a change in the ... 1 Answer to Deriving the short-run supply curve Consider the competitive market for halogen lamps. The following graph shows the marginal cost (MC), average total cost (ATC), and average variable cost (AVC) curves for a typical firm in the industry. For each price in the following table, use the graph to... When a supply curve is steeper than it implies that the quantity suppliers are willing to supply is less sensitive to the market price of a good. In other words, it takes a large price change to cause the quantity supplied to move a little bit. In...