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High quality screened topsoil, free of debris and used in many finished grading applications, landscaping projects, reseeding and for soil amendment. All of our topsoil is selected for the right components of sand, silt, clay and for pH, nutrients and organic matter. That is what makes it a quality product. Many factors influence the outcome of war. But what has soil got to do with war? I suspect few have given much thought to the influence of soil on war, or, conversely, how war influences the soil. But the role of soil in warfare can be considerable, as can the impact of war on soil, which can often leave it unusable. The most dramatic and emotive examples of the role of soil in war comes from ... For Drain Field and Leach Field Maintenance: Use 1 gallon every 6 months via the toilet or nearest drain closest to the septic tank. Restoring Failed Drain Fields or Leach Systems: Start with 5 gallons of product. Apply minimum of 3-4 gallons of product directly to the drain field soil. The final treatment of the effluent occurs in the soil. The soil beneath the at-grade component removes pathogens, organic matter, reduction of contaminants by aerobic microorganisms and ion bonding to negatively charged clay particles. The soil serves as a fixed porous medium on which beneficial aerobic microorganisms grow.