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Section three states that it's an offence for a person to park vehicles on a street in order to be sold. There must be two or more vehicles on the same street, no more than 500 metres apart, acting as part of a business for the offence to be committed. According to PA parking laws, you are not responsible for any parking tickets incurred by someone who did not have permission to use your vehicle or if your car was reported stolen. Disabled Parking While it may be tempting for some people to take the parking spaces closest to a store, parking in disabled spots without an appropriate placard is ... Oct 19, 2004 · If you don't have tinting or a car cover, you can make a "fort" using your bags and whatever covering you might have, a sheet, sleeping pads, cardboard boxes. You can't sit up while you sleep, but looks even more "normal". This might draw attention from theives though. Coupled with parking in a residential area though it's ok.