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Dec 18, 2020 · While moving on was painful and took a while, I’m glad I did that because it led me to eventually meet my real soulmate, whom I’m getting married to at the end of this month. :) If you’re in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere, perhaps it’s time to move on. Below are top 12 signs to know when it’s time to move on from a ... Feb 02, 2006 · You need to work on forgiving your husband on a basic level; try not to delve too deeply into the whys and wherefores. You will never forget, but if you are to save your marriage - and your sanity... And forgiveness granted to a cheating spouse is not something freely given away. It is something that your husband will have to earn through his actions and behaviors and commitment to prove to you that he will be faithful. Step 5: Consider Getting Counseling From An Affair Expert. You might be able to work out things on your own.