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May 21, 2007 · Some people have commented that Rick's solution does not work when there are AJAX update panels on the page. This is technically true but there is a get-around. For each file you could create a new aspx page and put Rick's code in the page load event of the life cycle. Aug 07, 2007 · On containers that implement Servlets 2.4, such as Tomcat 5.5 and above, it is possible to list servlets as welcome pages. This makes it easy to use a servlet as the main web page for your site, instead of redirecting to a servlet from your index.jsp page or using similar work-arounds. Google has been working on a new feature for Google Chrome for Android for a while that adds options Users may activate the back button of the Android device to go back a page, or open Menu to select Google implemented gesture-based navigation of the history in Chrome Canary for Android.