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There is an app in google play known as MyAppSharer. Open the app, search for the app that you have installed, check apk and select share. The app would take some time and build the apk. You can then close the app. The apk of the file is located in /sdcard/MyAppSharer. This does not require rooting your phone and works only for apps that are currently installed on your phone. Just read the news about Google Nearby Sharing in beta test. It is kind of like iOS Airdrop. It will install to Android 8 and above. It will install to Android 8 and above. But we all use Samsung Galaxy phones, seems like Samsung user already have similar sharing method - Samsung Quick Share.• Use file sharing softwares such as Xender, Shareit and Xionee. These will sort out files according to type (apps, videos, images etc.) to facilitate file sharing. Quickly install it in a target phone (anyways, he will not suspect your motives in using file sharing programs), go over the applications installed sections and you can view all installations regardless if these are visible or hidden.