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en Forums › Support default - notify me of follow-up comments Author Posts May 8, 2012 at 11:38 pm #885681 kford2007Member In the last few days WordPress activated the little box that The excessive comments are clogging my e-mail account. Other bloggers are complaining…This view shows each resource, total assigned for the entire project, each task the resource is assigned and total hours for each task, and on the right, a time graph showing the detail of how the work is divided up. (You may need to expand the columns and move the time graph to see all details). 5. To submit a file submission, students complete the following steps: Click the 'Add submission' button to bring up the file upload page. If the submission setting 'Attempts reopened' is set to 'Automatically until pass' and a submission is graded below the grade to pass, then then submission is automatically...