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(2) 1" hose clamp for power steering hydraulic lines Small bucket for draining fluid Needle nose pliers and screwdriver Golf tee Brake cleaner, rags and compressed air Procedure Remove the hydraulic reservoir by lifting it out of its cradle. The supply line comes from the transmission cooler in the radiator, it is the lower, smaller hose. Fits both 2500 & 3500 models. This is a brand new steering rack and NOT a rebuilt unit. This steering rack is manufactured by Bilstein, an OEM German supplier to Mercedes. WHEN REPLACING ANY POWER STEERING RACK, IT IS ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY TO COMPLETELY FLUSH THE ENTIRE HYDRAULIC SYSTEM OF ALL DEBRIS. If your car has 30K miles on it and you havn't done so, I highly suggest a power steering flush. Your steering components will thank you by functioning buttery smooth! Chris: P.S. If you are curious, the dealer can flush your power steering using a special machine. They start your car and then power steering fluid will be at high pressures due ...