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Goodit Store has All Kinds of DC 12V Lead-acid Battery Tester Percentage Capacity Power Red Digital Voltage Meter Voltmeter LCD Battery Charge Indicator,TC64 QC2.0 QC3.0 Type-C color LCD USB Voltmeter Ammeter Voltage Current Meter Multimeter Battery Charger Power Bank USB Tester,3 /4/5 in1 Soil Water Moisture Light PH Meter Tester Digital Analyzer Test Detector for Garden Plant Flower ... Apr 12, 2019 · To check the spark plugs for current, you will grab your 12v test light and tap into your spark plugs terminals. If your test flickers constantly when you crank the engine then you can go ahead and note that your plugs are in good working conditions. This tutorial has moved! Please visit the new Adafruit Multimeter tutorial page at Using a voltmeter set to "DC Volts", connect the red probe to the red terminal, and the black probe to the black terminal. The meter will read a little over 13 volts (for a 12-volt battery). Step 6 Locate the AC transformer.